Troop Hike

Here is a link to the route we will be following on Saturday’s hike. Once you click on the link, you will need to zoom in to see the actual trails and features.…/thu-15-oct-2020-20-53…Saturdays weather is currently predicted with a low of 30°, and a high of 47°. Important to dress in layers (no cotton, synthetics, and wool preferable), so you can remove items as you warm up on the trail, and replace items when we stop for lunch. With these temperatures, a hat and gloves will also be a good idea – at least to start. We will drop off and pick up at the turnaround near the main entrance to the park. The park gate is currently closed, and all vehicles must be parked outside the gate. List of the gear and forms you will need for the day hike: Medical Forms and Thermometer (Mr. D from troop) Permission slip – bring to Thursday night meeting, if you forget, bring to hikeCovid screening form – Bring to hike Mask Orange Vest (troop gear – will be distributed) 10 essentials – no need to run out and buy, but start thinking about them pack 2 quarts of water Snacks and a light lunch. Comfortable appropriate shoes – You don’t need hiking boots – but you need shoes, boots, or trail runners that are supportive and have good traction. I like to hike in trail runners, many like to hike in light boots -personal preference – It’s important that the hiker has walked in the footwear previously – and they are comfortable and don’t cause blisters. Please test out new shoes beforehand, it can be the difference between an enjoyable hike and not. For the Parents – We’ll have to coordinate transportation based on the COVID restrictions in place on that date – we’ll have more info at the Thursday night meeting. Hope to see you all there.Mr. Demers